Queen's Beach hotel

The new project envisages the construction of a hotel on the location of the current Hotel Queen's beach, as well as Villas in its immediate vicinity. Preservation of natural resources and cultural heritage of this area were the priority of Adriatic Properties and the Government of Montenegro while selecting the design solution for the works concerned. The construction is aimed at the improvement of tourism offer and development of facilities which will meet visitors’ requirements with regard to exclusive comfort, privacy and the pleasure taken in natural beauty of the landscape.

Hotel Queen's Beach was first built at the beginning of 80’s and has not been restructured ever since. Consequently, the hotel infrastructure nowadays seems dilapidated and not suitable for the restructuring necessary for meeting the requirements of tourism offer. Therefore, Adriatic Properties has planned the construction of a new hotel instead the old one, which shall begin this year and which shall expand the accommodation offer and meet the 5-star hotel requirements in every aspect. The new construction will allow our guests both visual and physical connection with nature.

The new hotel shall have four types of accommodation units and apartments whose size ranges from 36m2 to 200 m2. The plans also envisage infinity pool construction which shall create an impression of merging into the sea. The adopted design solution meets all standards regarding maintaining the authenticity of Mediterranean landscape and the existing identity of Miločer Park.