Montenegro is the country of wild beauty with immense geographical and historical splendor as the main features. Still partially undiscovered, and adventurous, this Slavic country lies on the border between the East and the West. Diverse cultural heritage, including Illyrian, Roman, French, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Venetian influences, make this country unique. Sveti Stefan and Milocer, with 4 sandy beaches, the most famous in Montenegro for their beauty, a place which stands out for its beauty, peculiarity and uniqueness. Sveti Stefan is situated in the vicinity of Budva and is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. This island is the most luxurious summer resort in Montenegro and one of the most distinctive on the Adriatic coast. This small area has a rich cultural and historical heritage embodied in the Old Town Sveti Stefan, Milocer and Praskvica Monastery.